Yousef Saif is an Illustrator and concept artist with over a decade of experience working in Publishing, Illustration and Fine art. his latest role was on outlander season 6 as a concept artist, working at Wardpark studio's on a Sony Pictures production. yousef is now involved in the neo and nubia franchise most recently as an Illustrator and concept artist.
yousef hAs freelanced as an illustrator at SLNda film co producing for Netflix, as well creating splash art for Eco-Terra a Nascent Games company currently working on an ambitious maiden project. In his painting he has developed a stylized realism where composition is pivitol, often drawn entirely from imagination. He adeptly translates traditional skills into art made on leading 2D and 3d industry standard software used across the games, film and animation industries.
On many projects he has worked as a character, prop and environment concept artist to aid the design and production process of visually believable and compelling worlds.

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